May-July Stakeholder Engagement

November 3, 2017

July-September Teaming & Visioning

November 3, 2017

September- December Listening Tour & Analysis

November 3, 2017

December-February Strategic Plan Development

November 3, 2017

February–May Outreach & Strategic Plan Draft Refinement

November 3, 2017

June–Submission to Worcester Public Schools

June 15, 2018

Launched in May 2017, the strategic plan was a one-year process during which planning participants engaged in three phases of work:

Phase 1: Teaming and Visioning

Key Activities in this Phase included:

  • Identifying and Engaging Key Stakeholders to participate in the planning process through the planning committees and community discussions
  • Developing and forming an operating structure to facilitate a collaborative planning process through a multi-tiered committee system
  • Facilitating visioning activities for long-term success by reviewing district mission statements and establishing a vision for future success in the district

Phase 2: Data Collection and Analysis

Key Activities in this phase included:

  • Engaging and soliciting perspective from key constituents including students, parents, educators, and administrators
  • Engaging subcommittee members in root cause analysis and strategy development to articulate a problem of practice for the group and investigate evidence-based practice
  • Presenting findings to planning committee and community at large to gain additional feedback on their process

Phase 3: Final Plan Development and Outreach

  • Identifying levers of change to achieve goals
  • Presenting draft strategic plans to planning committee
  • Developing communication & outreach materials
  • Creating tools to measure impact and implementation of the strategic plan for future use